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Inlays Onlays

Inlays Onlays Procedure

Generally it takes two dental visits to complete the inlay/onlay procedure. In your first appointment, name ( Dentist) will begin preparing the tooth by taking an impression to send to the laboratory so that the inlay/onlay can be customarily constructed. The materials used to make the inlays/onlays include porcelain, gold, or tooth colored resin materials.

The difference between these options is the appearance upon completion, name ( Dentist) will discuss and advise you on the option which is best suited for you. In the event that esthetic is not a concern, for example in the back molars, gold is the best choice.

Porcelain inlays/onlays are often used in the teeth which are most prominent in the smile as they offer the best esthetic results. Resin materials are a good choice for patients who have malocclusion or grind their teeth. name ( Dentist) may choose to create a temporary restoration to protect the tooth while the inlay/onlay is being constructed.

In the second and usually last appointment, the temporary restoration is replaced with permanent inlay/onlay. name ( Dentist) will check to ensure a correct fit that is tight and secure. Your bite will also be checked to ensure that any occlusion problems relating to the restoration are addressed and rectified.

Once these issues are addressed, the inlay/onlay will be secured into place with dental bond and the margins of which will be polished for an esthetically pleasing natural look.